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  • To get Black men and boys to talk about all forms of violence prevention.
  • Learn from Black men and boys  when they talk about and engage in violence prevention in their lives, homes and communities.
  • Determine what solutions and changes can occur when Black men and boys talk about violence prevention, collaborate, and engage in activities about the problem.


Anti-Violence Ventures (AVV) intends to break the cycle of violence in the Black community through a series of community conversations that engage Black men and boys.

About Anti-Violence Ventures

Anti-Violence Venture “Black Men & Boys take a Lead” is an innovative anti-violence social intervention model being prototyped by a team project funded by Blue Shield of CA Foundation.  The project was developed and initially prototyped in late 2018.  Anti-Violence Ventures focuses on the intrinsic links between three types of violence that are prevalent among Black couples, families and in Black neighborhoods – domestic, family and community violence.

It is assumed that Black men and boys are not always comfortable talking about personal and community violence or prevention.  We believe that with investments, incentives, support and encouragement, Black men and boys will engage in transformative dialogue and action around violence and violence prevention.

Sonya Young Aadam
Developing New Solutions for Preventing Domestic Violence

In 2018, Blue Shield of California Foundation launched Reimagine Lab, a design lab intended to bring together leaders from diverse backgrounds to learn, reflect, and co-create promising ideas and solutions to break the multi-generational cycle of domestic violence. CABWHP CEO, Sonya Young Aadam was selected as one of 16 fellows in the Reimagine Lab who came together around a vision for a better future and a desire to help make it a reality. Learn more about the Foundation's work to break the cycle of domestic and family violence. You can access the design lab Learning Report via this link: Reimagine Lab Watch the video below

". . . if the system does not budge an inch, what can we do?

Sonya Young Aadam

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